Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Health Track Learning Lab

The International Health Commission of the AME Church 

Bishop Harry L. Seawright, Commission Chair 

Reverend Natalie Mitchem, Executive Director 

Reverend Dr. Miriam Burnett, Medical Director 



Health Track Learning Lab 

“Walking Woke”  

28th Quadrennial Christian Education and Youth Congress – Atlanta, Georgia 

June 27 to June 30 


“What effective religious leaders should know about HIV/AIDS”: A HIV Education for Clergy and Lay Leaders - 3 hours required 

Rev. Oveta Fuller, PhD 

Friday, June 29th - 10:15-11:45 & 2:30-4:00 (attendance at both sessions is required for certification) 

This will meet the requirements as passed by the 50th General Conference: 

"Clergy, at all levels, and appointed or elected officers shall be required to obtain a basic scientific foundation to understand HIV/AIDS. This can be summarized as 'What effective religious leaders should know about HIV/AIDS (see content below). Mandatory training shall be provided annually throughout each Episcopal District, at ongoing or special planned sessions as directed by the Presiding Bishop and Presiding Elders. Each clergy person or officer is required to be certified and/or updated at least once every four years through this offering. The annual training should provide at least three or more contact hours about HIV/AIDS. Content should provide understanding of: (1) current prevalence and impacts of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in local communities and globally, (2) the biology of the virus and its disease, (3) community resources available, and (4) practical ways religious leaders can help to eliminate HIV infection, AIDS and death from AIDS-related causes.” 


Partnerships and the need for Memorandum of Understanding/Agreements  

Rev. Miriam J. Burnett, MDMPH  

Friday, June 29th - 2:30 – 4:00 


Joyful Ways to Connect with Persons Who are Differently-Abled: Bridging the Gap in Church School, Bible Study, and on Sunday Morning.”  

Rev. Marion Crayton, ED 

Friday, June 29th - 10:15-11:45 

This presentation will give a brief overview of different types of disabilities and then give practical examples of how to make Church School, Bible Study, and Sunday Worship accessible for persons who are differently abled. Participants will be invited to discuss the Biblical imperative for being intentional about including all people, including persons who are differently-abled. Excerpts from the newly released 2016 AME Book of Discipline will be one resource used for the presentation. 


Mental Illness and Suicidal Ideation. How we can help, give hope and a future. A call to Action and Hope for those in crisis.”  

Rev. Ann Marie Bentsi-Addison Posey, CNM, CNS, MSN, MDiv, LSSGB 

Thursday, June 28th– 4:00- 5:30 

This presentation will help increase mental health awareness in our churches and communities by addressing a number of important topics: 

The signs and symptoms of mental health concerns, including Alzheimer's disease, suicidal ideation and depression 

How to talk about mental health and decrease stigma 

The types of mental health services and supports available, including education and support programs 


Walking Woke With An Untroubled Heart”  

Exhorter Gwendolyn Butler Williams 

Thursday, June 28th - 2:00-3:30 

The heart is the core of our being. Scripture will be discussed and how we can stop allowing yourself to be agitated, intimidated, fearful and unsettled. We will investigate steps to help us to stop worrying during these times. 


Culinary RX - Food as Medicine  

Rev. Natalie Mitchem, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist 

Thursday, June 28th– 4:00- 5:30 

AME Culinary Rx is the First Faith Based online nutrition and culinary 60-day Wellness Journey. In partnership with Rouxbe the world's largest online Culinary program and the American Cancer Society the International Health Commission of the AME church presents evidence-based research on how to fight, stop and prevent disease. It is imperative that we equip the body of Christ on how to promote physical wellness and inform the churches of the importance of offering healthy and nutritious food at all church events. 


Heart Disease, CPR Hands Only and AED training  

AME Boy Scouts, Rev. Miriam J. Burnett, MD, MPH, Rev. Natalie Mitchem, RDN, James Wilson and Ron Oneal 

Friday, June 29th - 10:15-11:45 and 2:30-4:00 ---2 duplicate sessions 

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