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Category: Organic Soups - Manufacturer: CHESS-AUGFARMS

Model Number: 5-26400

Organic Tomato Basil with Pasta Soup Mix

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Our Organic Tomato Basil with Pasta soup mix gives you the garden-fresh taste of juicy tomatoes and basil along with perfectly done al dente shells for a light, yet filling meal. Keep Augason Farms Organic Tomato Basil Soup on-hand when you need a quick solution for a healthy, flavorful lunch or dinner. One package includes 4 servings and a total of 440 calories (110 calories per serving).


·       USDA Certified Organic

·       Certified Non-GMO

·       Everyday Meal Solution

·       Just Add Water


Shelf Life:                     18 months

Total Servings:              4

Calories per Serving:    110

Weight:                         3.85     oz. (109 g)





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