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Category: Medical - Manufacturer: Chess-DH

Model Number: 215573248

20 Trendy First Aid Kit Traveler Emergency Bag

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The accident occurs, the correct processing wound, prevent infection. 

Not necessary security products, also can be used for family. 

Can timely handling unexpected emergencies. 

Kit Includes:

(1) 1*Scissors 

(2) 1*PBT bandage 

(3) 5*Band-aids 

(4) 1*First aid mask 

(5) 1*Plastic tweezers 

(6) 1* Sterile Non-Woven Gauze 

(7) 2*Alcohol pad 

(8) 4* Safety pins 

(9) 1*Bandages 

(10) 10* Cotton Buds 

(11) 1*First Aid Bag

Package Include: 1 * Red First Aid Kit




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